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The goal of the mechanical Corporation Loa is striving to become the leading company in terms of production in Vietnam.
1. quality policy we are committed to:
Continuously improving the quality management capability, technical capacity, striving to satisfy the increasing demand of the customers.
Mechanical Corporation Loa just marketed products and higher corporate rules to serve domestic customers, the ventures and exports.
Machinery and equipment was added and innovation to continuously improve the level of technology to meet the increasing requirements of product quality and the development of the company's production.
2. About our environmental policy commitment.
Education to raise awareness about the protection of the living environment of the people.
Set up and maintain the environmental management system to ensure compliance with policies, laws, environmental standards of the State.
Improve all aspects of company activities minimize waste, save raw materials in production.
Perform environmental testing regulations and efforts to improve environmental management for the company has always maintained a clean green beauty.
The renovation program of quality management and environmental management of the company are made in all production parts and service.
Mechanical Corporation Loa determination to strive for quality and environmental management according to ISO 9000 and ISO ISO – ISO-1400 to always satisfy our customers.