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Production technology


1. get technical drawings of construction: technical production and sales department to work with the client to make design drawings of construction techniques with full specifications and requirements, technical standards applied in the construction and erection.

2. Develop drawings produced.

Based on design drawings, technical Department of production engineering will detail dissection, mapping to create embryos and provision of supplies, conduct embryonic phase and paired approach consistent with specifications and standards of materials or design. The pairing is particularly to be established in accordance with the specifications mentioned in the technical design drawings. The drawing for the deployment were released to seal control.
Before and during the deployment of the drawing, if the detection of these conditions or the irrational design standards, the companies will exchange with our customers to bring to unity.
3. check materials before entering the warehouse.
The entire warehousing supplies must be tested for conformity with the quality certificate of the manufacturer.
Check the specifications, surface quality, consistent with the request.
Set the minutes examine materials as evidence of control before entering the warehouse.
All types of materials without proper certificates and unsatisfactory shall not be allowed to enter the warehouse to put to use.
Materials type of service built to have full proof of quality (CQ), origin (CO) according to the design and technical requirements.
The whole material must be tested grade consistent with quality certificate of the manufacturer by the method of demolition (pull model).
Materials must be guaranteed 100% new, non-warping, pitting corrosion.
4. Enter the depot of supplies.

After the materials have been tested to be approved to enter the warehouse.

Materials enter the repository must be neatly folding stats to avoid warping, there are symbols to identify types, specifications and materials used for constructions.

Construction technology and measures.

According to design drawings and materials market in Vietnam selected technology approach to construction of steel structure.

The process of manufacturing a product structure:
1. Cut the embryo creation details.
2. Check the workpiece.
Cut created casts the details under a dissection, the entire workpiece to be cut on hydraulic cutting machine.
Cutting lines must ensure the embryos, flat, perpendicular to ensure accurate for the brackets.
The more embryos are numbered identification before fastening the combination phase.
The details after creating the embryo thing to check before moving to step technology. Tolerances allowed are taken according to ISO standard 170-1989 and the requirements of the technical drawing.
The details don't fit must be marked and removed.
3. Fastening the combination.
The connection details his welded connection before put into brackets.
All the textures are combined on the fastening brackets ensure dedicated perpendicular and symmetry.
After fastening the combination is complete proceed to test new technical requirement is transferred to step to the next phase.
4. South Korea.
Preparation before welding: welding Jigsaw Puzzle clues are clean to avoid dirt before welding, the welding line adjustment and welding speed matching required weld to avoid the phenomenon of burning legs.
After welding details Combinatorics is checked. For the weld if there is error in the combination welding process shall be conducted in the old welds and welding removal grinding whole. After testing the new technical requirement to transfer to the next step
5. complete and perfect welding Brackets:
With regard to the link between the code structures be brackets on the floor and. The floor is flat by religious transplant floor ensure the length and width to c structures. Is precast pillars are amplified by the ratio 1:1 on the floor and details are brackets according to ensure completeness and accuracy of the product.
Welding lines must be done in accordance with the welding process in order to minimize the defects.
All welds must be tested before welding.
The entire welding electrodes, welding wire must be secured well, before drying to South Korea as directed by the manufacturer.
The applique when brackets must be clean before sharpening finishing of the first welding class.
The welding line of symmetry must be staggered to ensure welding sựảnh welding cooling is the smallest.
6. check the product after South Korea and the closing number.
The following products are 100% tested welding by Visual and functional parts.
Check the dimension according to the design drawings, tolerance allows. The product is not required to be, the serious defects must be eliminated.
The weld in the docking and the dangerous cutting niếu have the defects must be checked by the penetrant or ultrasonic. If serious defects detection of welds that must be eliminated and South Korea back in the correct welding process.
The test results must be recorded in the minutes and is part of the quality records.
All the products meet the requirements of being played by the number sank to avoid the event after the paint is no longer evidence of details