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General introduction

Company name: Coloa mechanical joint stock company.
Short name: COLOAMEC
Website: http://veamcoloamec.com/
Factories: Dong Anh town 22-district of Dong Anh, Hanoi.
Phone number: 04.38832394. Fax: 0438832556
Established: December 9 1980 in Dong Anh district, Hanoi City.
The principal business lines:
Fabrication machining mechanical products and components.
Manufacture and installation of machinery and industrial equipment.
Parts manufacturing, automobile parts, motorcycles and agricultural machinery.
Import and export of goods production and trading company.
Mechanical Corporation Loa is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing mechanical products for the agricultural products and structural products served in the construction industry and the manufacturing industry. Mechanical Corporation Loa has experience in manufacturing and mechanical product supply should be the partner appreciated for the quality of the product as well as the spirit of customer service.
The company is equipped throughout and includes full blanking line with many types of different machines, welding lines, wireless transmission of mechanical precision CNC lathe with the kind of heat transmission, wire, forgings, coating completely. The work from the workpiece machining to improve the texture are performed according to modern process with staff and skilled technical workers participated in building design.
The company has a team of experienced engineers, equipped with the tools and software design.
The company has a team of skilled technical workers and has extensive experience in various fields, milling, planing, cutting, welding, mechanical ...