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VIETNAM ENGINE AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY CORPORATION (VEAM) is the State-company 1 members active in the model, the parent company-subsidiary, under the Ministry of industry and trade. VEAM was founded on December 5, 1990, made the goal at the heart of the mechanical industry Vietnam's industrialization and modernization of agriculture, the countryside.
VEAM currently has 20 subsidiaries including the subsidiary's State company members, the company, associated companies, branches and 1 Research Institute. The unit's members with VEAM 7000 employees rolled over is the manufacturing and trading company of machines, spare parts service for agriculture, forestry and transport. Among the members there are 3 trading company specializing in import and export of materials, equipment to meet the needs of different customers and VEAM. VEAM is Vietnam partners contributed capital and established the Toyota Vietnam joint venture, Honda Vietnam, Ford Vietnam, Mekong Auto, VEAM and The Korea.
VEAM is the largest scale enterprises and has a long tradition of production of agricultural machinery in Vietnam. With experience in production, VEAM products such as tractors, internal combustion engines (gasoline and diesel), huller and gearboxes very shrimp are preferred on the domestic market and are now exported to foreign markets. The production line of continuous VEAM are investment and innovation to be able to achieve the best quality with low costs. Besides, with trained manpower, VEAM was able to apply the advanced management model from that help reduce costs, increase productivity and faster response to changes of the market of agricultural machinery.
The end of 2009, automotive factory VEAM (VEAM Motor), built on the basis of the design of the Samsung automobile plant (South Korea) with the production truck 33000 per year, officially went into operation and the first car factory. This is the automotive assembly plants have large scale with international standards, the stamping line, electrostatic and assembled completely in sync and high automation for truck products of good quality and VEAM achieve stability. To date, although a new brand to appear on the market but there was the positive response from the market, yields increased consumption good days every year.
Since the year 2000, VEAM has actively participated in the support industry and to date has met some success. Currently, VEAM is the official parts supplier for the major venture in Vietnam such as: Honda, Piaggio, Yamaha ... With the current capacity, VEAM can produce is the frame details and details of engine parts, especially the more difficult form as: engine crankshaft (Crankshaft), marginal Hands (Connecting Rod) ... Cooperation with large companies helped raise VEAM injured Thieu and had many foreign Company looking to order as Sumitomo, Enkei, Konishi, Tshukuba ...
Besides industry development support for investment promotion, VEAM, urged investors to produce automobiles, spare parts and foreign automotive components ventures, affiliate, the transfer of technology for production of automotive components and spare parts for the members of the company VEAM and the construction of the factory production of spare parts , automotive components offers for companies: Toyota, Honda, Ford ... in order to increase the localization rate direction and the direction of the Government, contributes to bring Vietnam to become an industrialized countries.

Name: VEAM
Chairman of Board members: Mr. Bui Quang Stories
General Director: Mr. Tran Ngoc HA

Head Office: lot D, D1-Rich Upper-West Lakes-Hanoi.
Phone: 84-4-62800802
Fax: 84-4-62800809
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://veam.com.vn
Branch in Ho Chi Minh City: 90-92 Tran Binh trong
Ward 1, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City.
Phone: 84-8-39235228
Fax: 84-8-38363676