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Company Capabilities

1. Capacity of man

VEAM Corporation has 22 affiliates with a total of more than 7,000 officials and employees. 10% of them have university degrees and the university, the rest are mostly high-tech workers. This technique forces have more practical experience and formal training in the country and abroad.

2. The capacity of production and manufacture

VEAM is the leading unit in VN in the field of production and business dynamics equipment, agricultural machinery, tractors, cars, motorcycles, vehicles waterway transport and mechanical equipment other. With equipment with modern machines and synchronized, we proactively meet the needs of production from crucible cast iron, cast embryogenesis, mechanical machining, heat treatment, finishing and assembly operation in the installation operating.

Production capacity / year (data 2011)

- Combustion Engine
- Tractors kinds
- Generator
- Other agricultural machines
- Truck
- Parts kinds
- Total revenues of industrial production

60,000 products
5,500 products
3,000 products
2,000 products
3,000 products
50,000,000 products
3,600 billion

3. Investment capacity

Recognizing the importance of investing in the development of production, in recent years has been actively investing VEAM self-organize and manage large investment projects in developing production to serve as his relocation project investment and new technologies at the company Casting VEAM (total investment of 165 billion VND), automotive plant project VEAM Thanh Hoa (total investment of 700 billion VND) and dozens of investment projects production capacity of the member units with a total investment of hundreds of billion. The project was put into production in a timely manner, strong support for the steady development of VEAM today.

Car Factory VEAM Thanh Hoa, the design capacity of 30,000 units / year. Went into production in 2009. Lines synchronous equipment and most modern in Southeast Asia
Casting VEAM company, the design capacity of 7,000 tonnes / year. Went into production in 2010. The first time put a modern foundry technology as the core and cool box devices automatically flip mold, sand mixing system, automatic level sands and sand regeneration of furan in line Vietnam.

4. The capacity of scientific and technological research

VEAM 2 design institutes in the field of agricultural machinery, foundry, materials and heat treatment; 1 research laboratory functions in the engine, the automobile, tractor service of research, training and technology transfer for the product as well as the synchronization chain serving the public sector, agriculture, fisheries, construction, plantation ...

With a team of experienced researchers in the field of research and development, project many topics at the state level, VEAM has successfully implemented many research design, manufacturing, technology transfer consultants as:

- Research, design and manufacturing clusters, detailed parts in engines, automobiles, tractors
- Research, design and manufacture of equipment for agriculture: milling machines, tractors and farming equipment, vegetable processing equipment, vegetables
- Research, design, manufacturing, technology transfer and processing facilities for animal feed, poultry and aquaculture
- Consulting and technology transfer in the field of casting, heat treatment and materials
- Implementation of activities to promote scientific development
- International cooperation in order to acquire the scientific progress in the world
- Organize scientific conference on research planning future products.